From: Raviteja Kurapati (
Date: Thu Oct 20 2016 - 14:30:00 CDT

But I am not clear about why 300 atom file loading when i start molefacture
without making selection. Following startup message is coming when i open
Info) VMD for LINUXAMD64, version 1.9.2 (December 29, 2014)
Info) Email questions and bug reports to
Info) Please include this reference in published work using VMD:
Info) Humphrey, W., Dalke, A. and Schulten, K., `VMD - Visual
Info) Molecular Dynamics', J. Molec. Graphics 1996, 14.1, 33-38.
Info) -------------------------------------------------------------
Info) Multithreading available, 4 CPUs detected.
Info) Free system memory: 13680MB (85%)
Warning) Detected a mismatch between CUDA runtime and GPU driver
Warning) Check to make sure that GPU drivers are up to date.
Info) No CUDA accelerator devices available.
Warning) Detected X11 'Composite' extension: if incorrect display occurs
Warning) try disabling this X server option. Most OpenGL drivers
Warning) disable stereoscopic display when 'Composite' is enabled.
Info) OpenGL renderer: Gallium 0.4 on NV117
Info) Full GLSL rendering mode is available.
Info) Textures: 2-D (16384x16384), 3-D (512x512x512), Multitexture (8)
Info) Dynamically loaded 2 plugins in directory:
Info) /usr/local/lib/vmd/plugins/LINUXAMD64/molfile
vmd >

I am working Fedora 23, Interl Xenon(R) processor, Graphics NV117 Gallium

On Thu, Oct 20, 2016 at 11:59 PM, Raviteja Kurapati <>

> Thank you Peter and John for your response. I have not given any
> selection. It is worked when i entered selection. Actually I want to insert
> my protein in mixed solvents. Is there any option or plugin available for
> VMD by which i can build initial configuration?
> Best Regards,
> Raviteja Kurapati
> On Thu, Oct 20, 2016 at 11:12 PM, John Stone <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Can you post the startup messages that VMD prints when you run it?
>> What hardware and OS are you running on?
>> Cheers,
>> John Stone
>> On Thu, Oct 20, 2016 at 05:57:34PM +0530, Raviteja Kurapati wrote:
>> > Hi, I am using vmd 1.9.2. No CUDA devices. When I open molfacture
>> plugin,
>> > atoms are not listed in molfacture window and OpenGL Display not
>> showing
>> > any atoms. But main window is showing a .xbgf file. What is the
>> problem
>> > and How can I solve this?
>> >
>> > Best Regards.
>> > Raviteja Kurapati
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