From: John Stone (
Date: Wed Jun 22 2016 - 22:38:36 CDT

  No, VMD 1.9.2 does not contain the special code required for
stereoscopic omnidirectional projections needed for the VR movies.
I'm in Germany presently for the ISC'16 conference, but when I
return I'll see what's going on with the biocore server.
I plan to make a beta of VMD 1.9.3 available on the normal VMD download
area very soon upon my return, which will also make the biocore
issue irrelevant for your purposes. I'll followup on this email
when I have the VMD 1.9.3 beta version posted.


On Thu, Jun 23, 2016 at 12:07:49PM +0900, Fernando Vallejos-Burgos wrote:
> There are the very nice VR renders of VMD scenes in youtube:
> [1]
> As mentioned in the description, those are done with VMD 1.9.3
> Is there a way to do it in 1.9.2?
> I cana**t even get the beta version of 1.9.3 because BioCore doesnt let me
> register:
> TCB-UIUC BioCoRE has experienced an unexpected error.
> Technical support has been notified that an error has occurred. The error
> message below is from the system. It might not make much sense, but can be
> helpful for debugging.
> collab.event.InvalidConnectionException: Couldn't successfully send
> message
> I hope someone can help with any of both (no reply from biocore about the
> latter).
> Thanks a lot!
> References
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> 1.

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