From: Laura Joana (
Date: Wed Mar 23 2016 - 12:16:57 CDT

Hi Josh,

I finally discovered my issue. I had a problem with my pdb file, that I was
passing by command line. Now everything works!


2016-03-21 15:08 GMT+01:00 Josh Vermaas <>:

> Hi Laura,
> Ahh, ok. Would you mind posting the section of the script that's doing the
> atomselection? Preferably the whole function, if possible. What I suspect
> what is going on is that an atomselection is being made inside a loop, and
> isn't deleted. VMD has to allocate memory for every atomselection, and does
> not release the allocation unless the atomselection is explicitly deleted--001a1146918e086615052eba810a--