From: Kalyanashis Jana (
Date: Sat Mar 19 2016 - 02:32:08 CDT

I am Kalyanashis Jana, working under Dr. Bishwajit Ganguly, CSIR-CSMCRI,
Bhavnagar, India. I used the VMD mutation technique for protein system.
However, it was not working for some specific amino acid residues e.g.
histidine, selenocysteine. Otherwise, it is an excellent platform to mutate
protein or enzyme. Now, I would like to mutate DNA or RNA i.e. I would like
to replace a single/multiple nucleobase with other DNA/RNA nucleobase(s).
Can you please tell me, is it possible to mutate DNA/RNA with VMD?

Looking forward to hear from you positively.

Thanks in advance,
With best regards
Kalyanashis Jana