From: Francesco Pietra (
Date: Wed Aug 12 2015 - 02:49:01 CDT


in relation to

at this point it is difficult to tell apart which is a bug or a
> feature. there are subtle differences between csh and tcsh and some
> what argue that both are equally broken. i am not going down that
> rabbit hole, but very obviously the script has only seen limited
> testing on a "real" csh.
> i also would like to point out another option: use the /bin/sh
> compatible version of the launcher script. the bourne shell on ubuntu
> is very standard conforming and thus chances are that it has less of
> an issue...
> axel.

I am observing with vmd 1.9.2. that on Debian GNU Linux amd64 wheezy/gnome,
fully updated, in the vmd script (csh as indicated below)

> set defaultvmddir="/usr/local/lib/vmd"
> set vmdbasename=vmd
> #!/bin/csh -f
> ## In case the installation didn't add these (which means you didn't
> # do the 'configure', here's the default settings:
> #set defaultvmddir=/usr/local/lib/vmd
> #set vmdbasename=vmd

  I had to comment out as follows:

# detect if we have rlwrap available to have commandline editing
> set vmdprefixcmd=""
> if (("${ARCH}" == "LINUX") || ("${ARCH}" == "LINUXAMD64")) then
> # set rlwrap=`which rlwrap`
> # if ( -x "$rlwrap" ) then
> # if ( -f ${MASTERVMDDIR}/vmd_completion.dat ) then
> # set vmdprefixcmd="rlwrap -C vmd -c -b(){}[],&^%#;|\\ -f
> ${MASTERVMDDIR}/vmd_completion.dat "
> # else
> # set vmdprefixcmd="rlwrap -C vmd -c -b(){}[],&^%#;|\\ "
> # endif
> # endif
> # endif

otherwise no match for rlwrap, although this is installed, and vmd is not

A consequence is that, with ffTK, the section "Assign Missing Params by
Analogy" does not work properly: no window is opened below the line for

Type Epsilon Rmin/2 Epsilon,1-4 Rmin/2,1-4

so that no replacement of params can be carried out.


In contrast, no such problems with Debian amd64 jessy/Xfce: rlwap does work
and the above-said window allows to see the params.

So, the comparison is not straightforward and, to me, gnome is giving a
lot of other problems that Xfce does not.

Thanks for advice as to fixing on wheezy/gnome

francesco pietra