From: Mayne, Christopher G (
Date: Mon Mar 30 2015 - 09:30:13 CDT

The Window file name convention is vmd.rc while it is .vmdrc for both Linux and MacOS. When copying from your Windows file, rename the file to .vmdrc and drop it into your home folder. VMD should find it.

Christopher Mayne

On Mar 30, 2015, at 1:57 AM, M K wrote:


I want to add msd plugin to vmd as described in this website:

The installation instructions is:


1. Download the latest release and extract it in a directory of your

2. Add the following instructions to your ```.vmdrc``` file

        lappend auto_path /WHERE/YOU/EXTRACTED/THE/TOOL
        vmd_install_extension diffusion_coefficient_gui \
       diffusion_coefficient_gui::diffusion_coefficient_tk \
       "Analysis/Diffusion Coefficient Tool"
        menu main on

However in VMD 1.9.2 Mac, I cannot locate the vmdrc file. It was very easy to do that in VMD in Windows, but I need to do this in my iMac.
I also copied the vmd.rc file from windows to the VMD of Mac, but didn't work.

Can someone please help.