From: M K (
Date: Mon Mar 30 2015 - 01:57:12 CDT


I want to add msd plugin to vmd as described in this website:

The installation instructions is:


1. Download the latest release and extract it in a directory of your

2. Add the following instructions to your ```.vmdrc``` file

        lappend auto_path /WHERE/YOU/EXTRACTED/THE/TOOL
        vmd_install_extension diffusion_coefficient_gui \
        diffusion_coefficient_gui::diffusion_coefficient_tk \
        "Analysis/Diffusion Coefficient Tool"
        menu main on

However in VMD 1.9.2 Mac, I cannot locate the vmdrc file. It was very easy
to do that in VMD in Windows, but I need to do this in my iMac.
I also copied the vmd.rc file from windows to the VMD of Mac, but didn't

Can someone please help.