From: Lane Votapka (
Date: Wed Sep 17 2014 - 17:43:55 CDT


I seem to be coming across a strange phenomenon. I'm trying to create a
blank molecule with which to draw graphics only, but it seems like whenever
I try to load a separate molecule beforehand, the shapes are drawn to
different sizes

Here is an example:

I open VMD and the tkconsole and type the following commands:
mol load graphics "whatever"
mol new something.pdb
graphics 0 sphere { 0 0 0} radius 10

This seems to make normal-sized graphics...

But if I close and reopen VMD and then type the following commands in the
mol new something.pdb
mol load graphics "whatever"
graphics top sphere {0 0 0} radius 10

This makes a really huge sphere.

The size of the graphic appears to depend on what order I load the molecule
structure and create the graphics mol.
I'm using VMD 1.9.

Any ideas what's causing this?
-Lane Votapka