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Date: Wed Sep 03 2014 - 10:42:24 CDT

One change slow down the rate at which the “movie” plays in VMD.

When you load in the molecule (or psf) and load data into (i.e., your trajectory) you can slide the bar to slow down how fast the frames advance.


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I see now. sorry i did not read well. you want make a movie. sure in vmd you can use view-change render plugin under visualization.
you can play with it a bit and then you can get what are you looking for in change transition time

have look to some tutorial googling

hope it helps


On 03/09/2014 15:33, Dawid das wrote:
Dear VMD experts,
I have already solved this problem but not for GROMACS files.
I want to make a trajectory movie, but following frames appear to quickly and it is very hard to actually see and analyze how chromophore structure changes over time. So I want to make the movie last longer and the frames to be be displayed for a longer timer.
I did it for Tinker trajectory snapshots by uploading the same snapshot 5 or 7 times but how to do it with *gro and *trr files from Gromacs?
Best wishes,
Dawid Grabarek



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