From: John Stone (
Date: Mon Feb 23 2004 - 16:30:39 CST

  Sounds like your Gentoo might have out-of-date OpenGL headers..
(or maybe they are actually Mesa headers rather than the official
 ARB OpenGL header files?)
You can get the current OpenGL header files here:

The options you have below are pretty decent to start out with.
When you successfully build VMD with those, we can worry about enabling
more options sometime after that.

You don't want to use the "FLTKOPENGL" compile option, just use OPENGL.

  John Stone

On Mon, Feb 23, 2004 at 03:07:25PM -0500, wrote:
> I've compiled vmd on a 'lamp' G4 running linux,
> and it appears to be running correctly.
> The setup is:
> distribution: Gentoo 1.4
> glu=1.3
> glx=1.2
> linux=2.4.20-ppc-r2
> with the configuration flags:
> I'm not sure if that's a reasonable set of flags,
> since this is my first attempt to play with vmd
> I ran into a couple of issues:
> In OpenGLExtensions.C,
> #include "GL/glx.h"
> needs GLX_GLXEXT_PROTOTYPES defined in order to include the prototypes.
> I guess there is a versioning issue of opengl relative to the binary builds?
> Also, I found that in 'configure'
> $fltkopengl_defines = @opengl_defines
> which sticks a zero in the compile line if FLTKOPENGL is set as a flag.
> I guess that flag is obsolete?
> Thanks for the new toy,
> Alex Peyser

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