From: Daniel Russel (
Date: Thu Jan 23 2014 - 23:23:06 CST

I've written a molfile plugin to load our file format into VMD (the plugin
handles the rmf format for multi resolution models resulting from
integrative modeling efforts). Overall it works pretty nicely, but if I do
launch vmd with more than one rmf file on the command line (e.g. more than
one copy of the same file) or do "Load data into molecule" vmd crashes
(outside of the plugin code, after running loading the bonds for the second
file). Opening more than one rmf through the "New Molecule" dialog works

I'm not entirely sure where to go about debugging this, and wasn't able to
find much info on what, if anything, plugins are supposed to do to support
this. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks very much.

VMD terminal output (with plugin output) at <>

VMD stack trace at <>

Both of those are from MacOS but similar things happen on linux. VMD 1.9.1.
You can find the plugin code at <>.