From: Dawid das (
Date: Tue Sep 24 2013 - 11:04:38 CDT

Well, I talked to my teacher and it seems that I still need the .dcd and
.psf files. So in this case, how can I get them from my xyz Tinker files?

2013/9/24 Dawid das <>

> Dear vmd experts,
> I was looking for help on making movies in vmd but I couldn't find
> anything. What I have is 500 frames from my Tinker MD simulation. Now, I
> want to make a movie/get a trajectory of my system. Firstly, is it possible
> at all to do this with those original xyz Tinker files?
> I struggle with loading all these frames. I tried new mol name.* type
> tinker, but it seems that * does not work as usual.
> I read those:
> like I said I didn't find it helpful.
> Thank you for help.