From: Roberto Gaspari (
Date: Sun Jun 30 2013 - 14:47:25 CDT

Dear all,

I have recently tried to produce a 3d pdf file out of a vmd session.
I used adobe 9 pro extended, since it seems the only acrobat version
which enables the 3d capture screen. I followed the tutorial at

loading the 1UBQ file, changing the settings as adviced, quitting and
restarting both
vmd and acrobat 9. I then changed vmd rendermode to acrobat3d.

After "creating file from 3d capture" in acrobat, clicking on the opengl
window and printing the screen, the vmd window becomes white and a loading
icon appears.

Nevertheless after a few seconds acrobat tells me that the loading failed
and that settings might be not correct.

I am a bit puzzled and I do not know how to solve the problem.
I would be very grateful if anybody could help me in obtaining 3d pdf files
of vmd sessions, also using alternative procedures.

Many thanks and best regards,