From: Stefano Ugolini (
Date: Tue Feb 12 2013 - 08:04:51 CST

Hi all,


I am trying to setup a Sensable Phantom haptic device to work as a VMD tool
via VRPN 7.30 (git version).


The Phantom device is on a Windows7 machine where VMD has been installed
with the pre-compiled version (no VRPN support apparently). On the Windows7
machine I have compiled and installed VRPN and its server and client
application seem to properly work with the Phantom.


Therefore, the following step would be to compile VMD on Windows7 with VRPN
option and run VMD-VRPN and VRPN server locally.


I know how to compile VMD on Linux but I have no idea how to do that on
Windows7. I found some threads about it but I could not find any
step-to-step howto or detailed descriptions. Also, is there any way to
obtain a pre-compiled Windows build of VMD with VRPN option?


Thanks in advance