From: Han Hu (
Date: Wed Oct 17 2012 - 08:27:40 CDT


I am using VMD to visualize the trajectories of MD simulations performed
with LAMMPS. I choose "VDM" as the drawing method. The problem is for large
systems (half million atoms), it becomes very slow for VMD to display the
results and it always takes long time for VMD to respond after I make a
command, e.g. rotating the view. I wonder whether it is related with the
graphic card. If so, we may need to purchase a computer with better graphic
card to make it easier to visualize our large system. Currently, I am using
a two-core computer, 4G memory and a NVIDIA Geforce GT 330


Han Hu

Complex Fluids and Multiphase Transport Lab
Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics Department
Drexel University
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