From: Luca Mollica (
Date: Mon Nov 03 2003 - 10:33:22 CST

John Stone wrote:
> Dear Luca,
> Is your trajectory file stored locally, or are you accessing it from
> remote file server?

The trajectory file is located locally, in the same directory where the
structure file is located.

   It could be that you're getting inconsistent behavior
> as a result of a transient I/O timeout or something like that, which VMD
> is failing to recover from. Have you tried loading the same trajectory
> on different machines, or is this problem always with the same machine?

> Which version of VMD are you running, and what kind of machine is it?

VMD 1.8, the machine is PC-LINUX, with SUSE 8.0 implemented.
I've also tried to convert the .trr file into .xtc file, but now, even
if loading the whole trajectory...well, the software crashes!


> Thanks,
> John Stone