From: David Cohen-Tanugi (
Date: Sun Dec 04 2011 - 21:35:40 CST

Dear All,

What are the most effective ways of rendering high-quality and long movies
from VMD trajectories?

I have been using VMD to visualize long (1000+ frames) trajectories of
molecular dynamics simulations from LAMMPS, and I haven't yet found an
efficient way to render these trajectories into high-quality videos. My
Macbook Pro is quick enough for most purposes but at 2-3 minutes per frame
in Tachyon Internal with ambient occlusion, it seems much more logical to
export the job to a parallel cluster on many nodes.

In that context, what is the most straightforward and efficient way to
render and encode a very long, high-quality movie from a VMD session?
Strategies that leverage parallelized cluster computing would be greatly

Many thanks,

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