From: Fred Salsbury (
Date: Tue Aug 26 2003 - 19:49:41 CDT

Hello all --

I've been using VMD for a few years, but I am new to this list.
I am looking to acquire a workstation primarily to use with VMD and I was
looking through the archives of the mailing list, and I came across the
following remark by John Stone (in reply to someone mentioning wanting to
run on a dual Xenon workstation:

Several of the vendors have had problems with their OpenGL drivers
on SMP machines, so any comments you have about the stability you get on
such machines would be very interesting.

Can someone comment on this? I was pondering either one of the new dual
3.06MHz (1MB L3 Cache) Xenon workstations or a P4 3.2GHz desktop, and with
either a Nvidia QuadroFX 1000 graphics card or a 3Dlabs Wildcat4 7110
graphics card. So I'm wondering if there have been noticeable stability
problems, and is an AMD athlon workstation would be better then.



Dr. Fred Salsbury
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
Wake Forest University