From: Jennifer Williams (
Date: Wed May 11 2011 - 08:16:25 CDT


I have a cubic molecule (.xyz file) and I simply want to take a slice
through it. i.e as if to cut it in half and display the face of the

Reading through the documentaion I thought the "mol volume" tool might
do the trick but I can't seem to get the command right. I thought the
command was the following...

mol volume top {0 0 0} {1 0 0}

with the first set of brackets denoting whether I would be cutting
parallel to the x, y or z axis and the second denoting how far along
the cartesian axis of the molecule I would be cutting (or vice versa
-I can't tell at the moment).

so for example if I wanted to slice the molecule at the midpoint
parallel to the x axis, I supposed the command would be:

mol volume top {1 0 0} {0 0.5 0}

Am I missing something? Could someone please give the correct command
to do this?


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