From: Eduard Schreiner (
Date: Tue Nov 30 2010 - 19:44:55 CST

Hi Luke,

2010/11/30 JhonY. I. <>:
> I've studied TCL script in tutorial of VMD and it was vuluable really.
> But I'd like to ask your advice on some points as follows.
> 1. Would you let me know what command I should use to load "i" th frame from
> DCD file of multi-frame?

Check out the "mol addfile" command in the manual. I will be something like

mol addfile YOURDCD.dcd type dcd first YOURSTEP last YOURSTEP step 1
filebonds 1 autobonds 1 waitfor all

> 2. Does DCD file have also similar column to B factor column of pdb file?


> If so, what is it?
> If I'd like to assing "mag" (it is vector having length of total atom
> number) to B factor-like column of DCD file, what should I do?

if you have a list mag containing all the data, you can do something like

set a [atomselect top all]
$a set beta $mag

Check the User's Guide for examples, e.g., p. 98 or p. 175.
The issue was also already discussed on this list, so you may want to
check that too.

> Best regards,
>   Luke

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