From: Maxim Paliy. (
Date: Thu May 14 2009 - 19:06:32 CDT

Dear VMD authors

I'm posting this here 'cause I have not found author's name in solvate.tcl

I got a small bug while running solvate 1.3 from the new VMD 1.7:

error deleting "combine.pdb": permission denied
it is traced back to the line
"file delete combine.pdb" in the solvate.tcl

Apparently this is because on slower machines and for huge files an
operation just above
"mol addfile combine.pdb" cannot finish in time.

Modification "mol addfile combine.pdb waitfor all" does the trick for me.

However, there some other attempts to delete files throughout the text
(it is related to the rotation), so probably they have to be corrected
as well...

Regards, Maxim