From: Axel Kohlmeyer (
Date: Wed Mar 04 2009 - 21:55:04 CST

On Wed, 4 Mar 2009, Samuel Coulbourn Flores ~J山 wrote:

SCF> Hi Guys,
SCF> I downloaded binaries to install VMD on Ubuntu and followed instructions to
SCF> install. I don't have root privileges so I installed it in a home
SCF> directory. I then changed two variables in the configure script and ran
SCF> with no error messages, then did a make install. On running VMD I got a
SCF> message like [1] 1234 or some such which would indicate the process
SCF> started, but no XWindow pops up. I also don't see anything like "vmd"
SCF> running when I query the scheduler. I found a thread in the archives which
SCF> advises checking that the $DISPLAY variable is set correctly, but it is not


this is most likely not the problem. you should have found
_many_ recommendations to check out the linux release notes.

they contain a list of common problems and instructions how
to detect and work around them.
i suspect you are missing the c++ compatibility library.


SCF> said what the correct value of this variable should be. On my machine it's
SCF> :0.0. Can you help?
SCF> Many thanks
SCF> Sam

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