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Date: Tue Jan 20 2009 - 08:53:02 CST

On Tue, 20 Jan 2009, Bernd Doser wrote:

BD> Dear All,

dear bernd,

BD> I want to install vmd-1.8.6 on opensuse 11.1. Therefore, I have changed the
BD> configure file to use tcl/tk 8.5. In addition, I have modified two lines in
BD> cmd_render.C:

to install the binaries, you don't have to change anything.
VMD comes with its own tcl/tk runtime.

to compile/install from source you _have_ to use the current
cvs code. version 1.8.6 does not support tcl/tk8.5. john is
currently in the process of porting and testing the code for

BD> //Tk_PhotoSetSize(handle, xs, ys);
BD> Tk_PhotoSetSize(NULL, handle, xs, ys);
BD> //Tk_PhotoPutBlock(handle, &blk, 0, 0, xs, ys, TK_PHOTO_COMPOSITE_SET);
BD> Tk_PhotoPutBlock(NULL, handle, &blk, 0, 0, xs, ys, TK_PHOTO_COMPOSITE_SET);
BD> Running the vmd command, a segmentation fault occurs after the line:
BD> Tcl_SetObjLength called with shared object
BD> Can somebody tell me what's wrong?

the required changes to support tcl8.5 are more than this.

is there a specific reason why you need to hook up vmd to tcl/tk 8.5?
in general, it is better to stick with the binaries, unless you
really, really know what you are doing.


BD> Thanks a lot,
BD> Bernd

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