From: Ondrej Marsalek (
Date: Mon Nov 24 2008 - 10:18:39 CST

dear vmd users and developers,

i would like to create animations of volumetric data in vmd. so far, i
have a script that loads all the data (form cube files) and uses trace
so that the representation gets updated on frame change. this works
fine but it is limited in the number of frames (of certain data size)
that it can process.

therefore, i would like to implement some simple caching mechanism. i
thought that would be straightforward, but then i failed to find a way
to remove volumetric data from a molecule. frames can be removed and
whole molecules can be removed. is it really true that vmd does not
have any way of getting rid of volumetric data (short of deleting the
whole moecule) or have i missed something?

ondrej marsalek