From: Samir Unni (
Date: Wed Jul 16 2008 - 09:32:37 CDT


I'm trying to create a Tcl script that will use output from APBS to create a
video file, with no user interaction. So far, I have managed to manually
create a state file, to which I can then add a few lines of code for the
Movie Plugin, to automatically generate the video file and then exit VMD.
However, I can't seem to get VMD to properly generate the video file when I
use the script. It creates a file, but it doesn't seem to contain any actual
data (it's only about 20 KB), and doesn't play correctly when I open it with
MPlayer. This is the line of code that seems to be the problem:

::MovieMaker::makemovie /Users/srunni/dev/vmd_tests/1fas 1fas ppmtompeg
> snapshot 10

When I load this exact same state file, but with that line removed, and
manually use the Movie Plugin, there are no problems. I figured out the
syntax for the above code by taking a look at vmdmovie.tcl, and imitating
the calls made when the Movie Plugin is launched from the GUI. As far as I
can tell, I have made no mistakes in the syntax. Does anyone know why this
isn't working correctly?


Samir Unni