From: Axel Kohlmeyer (
Date: Mon Mar 10 2008 - 17:35:52 CDT

On Mon, 10 Mar 2008, Emmanuel Levy wrote:


this has been discussed on this list very recently (please
check the archives). the solution is to use one of the
other renderers, e.g. TachyonInternal.


EL> Hello,
EL> I'm trying to render images from the command line, and I have got the
EL> following script:
EL> axes location off
EL> display projection orthographic
EL> color Display Background white
EL> mol new {1bg2A_A_5.pdb} type pdb
EL> mol delrep 0 top
EL> mol representation Cartoon
EL> mol color resname
EL> mol selection {protein}
EL> mol addrep top
EL> render snapshot "1bg2A_A_5_0_0.tga"
EL> exit
EL> that I call like:
EL> vmd -e script.vmd
EL> It works, but only if the display is "on". If I add
EL> -dispdev text
EL> or
EL> -dispdev none
EL> Then the tga images are empty.
EL> Since I've got hundreds of images generate, I'd rather it to be "quiet".
EL> I guess that "snapshot" does not work when no window is opnened (which
EL> makes sense), I like it because it is very fast (which is crucial for
EL> what I'd like to do).
EL> Any idea around would be very much appreciated!
EL> Best wishes,
EL> Emmanuel

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