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DNA nanotube

DNA binds to a single-walled nanotube. (info) (request)

Kinase sensor

Atomic model of kinase sensor. (info) (request)

DNA methylation

DNA methylation. (info) (request)

DNA translocation

DNA translocation through graphene nanopores. (info) (request)


Water transport through nanotube. (info) (request)

Molecular orbitals of C60 fullerene

Molecular orbitals of C60 fullerene rendered using VMD's new lighting fast high resolution orbital representation. (info) (request)

Metal oxide semiconductor nanopore

Nano-meter size pore drilled into a MOS membrane (info) (request)


Nanotubes have high polarizability due to the mobility of π-electrons over the tube walls (info) (request)

Silica nanopore

Ionic conduction through amorphous nano-meter size silica pore (info) (request)

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