TCB::SysLoads is a DBIx::Frame object written to keep track of system loads, both local and remote, at the Theoretical and Computational Biophysics Group at UIUC. It provides an administrative web interface for adding and reading this information, plus a series of scripts for loading this information and a series of CGIs for extracting the information into graphs.

Specific tables are described in the following modules:

  • TCB::System::SysLoad - local system loads
  • TCB::System::SuperComp - daily remaining time on supercomputers
  • TCB::System::Centers - list of supercomputer center machines

Full documentation is provided within the source code.


You must have the following modules installed: You will also need a running database (mysql is the only one tested), and permission to either use the existing contents or create new ones.


If you have questions please send email to


Required packages:


UIUC Open Source License