System Load Monitoring Program Notes
(version 1.1)

sysmond -- system load monitoring (the client)

  Wakes up every xx seconds, determines the date and the most recent
  system load average (using uptime), and sends this info in a UDP
  packet to the server.  There is also a version that provides support
  for Linux Scyld Beowulf clusters (parses output from 'beostat -l').

syscold -- system load collector (the server)

  Receives UDP packet system load messages from clients and stores the
  client name, time, and load average information into a log file.
  Whenever the date changes, the log file is renamed, and a child is
  spawned to compute the daily load average for each machine listed in
  the file.  These daily load averages are to be stored in a database.

This distribution also includes customizable control scripts that
facilitate starting and stopping the daemons automatically during
machine bootup and shutdown.  All of the code has been tested and
demonstrated to work on SunOS, IRIX, Digital UNIX (Alpha), Linux,
and HP-UX.


If you have questions please send email to the author David Hardy, at



Same terms as NAMD license


See the source code for comments and usage information.