Date: Tue Oct 15 2019 - 14:24:57 CDT

   I am a beginner in the field of string method calculations. I was going through the tutorial for string methods given in namd. However, I ran into an error while executing :
mpirun -np 400 namd2 +replicas 400 initial.conf +stdout output/%02d/job00.%02d.log
in the parallel folder. I ran the corresponding command for sequential string calculations as well :
mpirun -np 20 namd2 +replicas 20 initial.conf +stdout output/%02d/job00.%02d.log
The error output was :
mpirun noticed that process rank <rank> with PID <pid> on node <node> exited on signal 11 (Segmentation fault).

I noticed there was an error with the file `initial.conf` itself : in the line
`source ../swarms.namd`
the file is in the current directory, not the previous directory of the `sequential` folder.

I fixed it, and after running the scripts again, I got this error :
can't read "drifts_array(2)":

Any help on this would be really appreciated.
Thank you.

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