From: Mohammadi Pezhman (
Date: Wed Jul 16 2014 - 07:06:32 CDT

Hi everybody,
I get the and error when i want to fill up IMD connection windows. In the tutorial guide ( it says in the IMD connection windows, enter Hostname: Localhost and port 3000 in order to start the simulation, but when i do that i get an error as fallow:

ERROR) Error connecting to Localhost on port 3000

I also did "sudo nano /etc/hosts" to find out my local host port number and replace it with 3000 in the imd.namd config file:
# IMD Settings (can view sim in VMD)
if {1} {
IMDon on
IMDport 3000 ;# port number (enter it in VMD)
IMDfreq 1 ;# send every 1 frame
IMDwait yes ;# wait for VMD to connect before running?
But it didnít work either. any suggestion or thought?
Thanks in advance

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