From: Maria Sanchez Farran (
Date: Mon Mar 31 2008 - 08:12:27 CDT



I am a new user of NAMD and I've been following the tutorial. Currently,
I am trying to do the RMSD analysis of the simulation of ubiquitin in a
water sphere. I loaded the ubq_ws.psf and ubq_ws_eq.dcd files in VMD and
typed source rmsd.tcl in the Tk console. The file rmsd.dat is created
but it has no data in it (0 kB). I am now a kind of stuck in this part.
Also, I've realized that sometimes after typing source rmsd.tcl in the
console and pressing enter, the VMD window suddenly closes.

Please, can you help me if you have any idea about why is this


Thank you very much!,


Maria Antonieta Sanchez

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