From: Grant Schauer (
Date: Mon Jun 04 2007 - 20:22:55 CDT

Hello everyone,

I wrote a tcl script hisdis.tcl, added it to /usr/local/vmd-1.8.5/scripts/vmd/ , and created a .vmdrc file with one line:

source /usr/local/vmd-1.8.5/scripts/vmd/hisdis.tcl

In the tcl console, I wrote:
auto_mkindex /usr/local/vmd-1.8.5/scripts/vmd/ hisdis.tcl

I'm happy to say that my script works great, but now my VMD-Main window does not load! If I remove the .vmdrc file, I can recover the Main Window (but can't run the script). I'm sure it's a problem with the .vmdrc file, but clues were sparse as to how to create it. Any suggestions?