From: Axel Kohlmeyer (
Date: Thu May 24 2007 - 17:38:36 CDT

On Thu, 24 May 2007, Cesar Luis Avila wrote:


CLA> I would like to render a picture in a remote server with vmd using GLSL
CLA> capabilities. I connect to the server using ssh, and launch the script using
CLA> vmd -dispdev text < renderpicture.tcl > logfile
CLA> Within the script I have a line
CLA> display rendermode GLSL
CLA> render snapshot picture.tga

to render a snapshot, you have to have a buffer to take it from.
if you run in textmode, this buffer does not exist.

you can try, e.g., the TachyonInternal renderer instead.
there will be some differences and some unsupported
features, however, tachyon is usually (for obvious reasons)
closest to the snapshot output.


CLA> but in the log file I see
CLA> ERROR) Illegal rendering mode: GLSL
CLA> Info) Rendering current scene to 'picture.tga' ...
CLA> Info) Rendering complete.
CLA> And the picture file is empty.
CLA> Since there is no display device it sounds logical that there is no
CLA> picture to render. Is there a way to overcome this?

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