From: FyD (
Date: Wed May 23 2007 - 10:42:17 CDT

Dear All,

We load many .mol2 files located in the working directory using the
following code in the .vmdrc file:
proc test {} {
  set i 0
  foreach filename [glob *.mol2] {
   puts $filename
   mol new $filename type mol2 waitfor all
   molinfo top set drawn 0
   incr i 1

However, the order of display in vmd is really un-convenient, or at
least do not follow the alphabetic order... This means when we use
this method to load 50 or more mol2 files in vmd, we get totally lost
to find a particular file we are interested in...

Is there a way to force vmd to load a list of file using the
alphabetic order ?

by analogy the "ls -l *.mol2" and "ls -v *.mol2" provide very
interesting output...

Thanks, Francois