From: Avell Diroll (
Date: Tue Feb 20 2007 - 08:52:35 CST

Dear VMD-L,

First I would like to thank all the VMD developers for their great work.

However, I am experiencing a little problem right now ...

I am using VMD (Linux) to display some isosurfaces of molecular
lipophilic potential (loaded from an .dx file).
Everything is fine as long as closed surfaces are displayed, but the
interpolation of "open" surfaces (such as an isosurface associated to a
null potential), "forgets" to show some of the triangles between grid
points. (these are wild guesses as I did not dig the problem further)

You may find a sample snapshot of the result here :

I can provide all the files needed to reproduce this behaviour (grid
data is 5.2 MB).

I tried the different rendermode available but the problem remains in
all modes.
I also tested my grid data on some other visualization programs (namely
: chimera and pymol) and the surfaces are displayed as expected on those.

I did not find any references to this in the mailing list or in the
VMD-1.8.6 development log, nor did I found a work around by myself.

Please let me know if I missed something or if there is a work around
for that.


Julien Lefeuvre

Julien Lefeuvre, PhD Student
Institut Européen de Chimie et de Biologie (IECB)
CNRS UMR 5144 Molécules, Biomolécules et Objets Supramoléculaires (MoBIOS)
2, rue Robert Escarpit - 33607 Pessac Cedex - France
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