From: Yaser Khan (
Date: Sun Feb 11 2007 - 03:01:40 CST

hi all,

i am a newbie to both vmd and mailing lists.

i have two questions to ask and would appreciate any help i can get.

i found hot keys extremely convenient. however, only the default hot keys
assigned to numbers and lowercase letters are funtional. in particular hot
keys assign to upper case alphabet (G, X, Y, Z) and to key combinations
(control-a, control-z, alt-q) fail. i am able to reassign these functions to
other unassigned lower case alphabets but i would really like to use the
default functionality. (this same problem was posted by jian zou in june
2005. however it was not addressed).

i also found that when i used save_state with a destination path that
involved spaces the file failed to load. the files loads without error when
i move these files to a directory with a 'simple' path and fix the path
information in the vmd file manually. again i believe this question has been
posted on the list before. i saw a post which stated that he problem had
been fixed in new versions of vmd. i apologize if this question has been
answered already. i would be very happy if somebody could provide me a
solution that allows me to choose target directories at will.

*i am using VMD version 1.8.5 on Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition
(with SP2 installed).
thank you,