From: L. Michel Espinoza-Fonseca (
Date: Mon Jan 15 2007 - 11:24:43 CST


I think it'll be a good idea to post your problem to the APBS mailing
list first. The problem you're describing is fully related to APBS.
You can also read the APBS tutorial, where you can find sample input
files that you can easily modify.


2007/1/15, Georgios Villias <>:
> Hello to everyone!
> I am a newcomer in this field and the use of APBS. I am trying to produce
> an electrostatic potential map for a protein surface and I am using
> Windows XP. Although I have installed succesfully Pymol v0.99, APBS v0.4.0
> and the M.Lerner's plug-in,following Lerner's instructions, I can load my
> pdb file, I can generate the .pqr and .in files, but the programme doesn't
> generate the .dx file resulting to the message:
> ObjectMapLoadDxFile-Error:Unable to load file!
> Is there any incopatibility or lack of commands or scripts that elude me?
> I tried the VMD v1.8.5 and v1.8.4 to visualize the electrostatic potential
> following the instructions from the tutorial, but the procedure is stopped
> at the same stage... Cannot load the .dx file because it doesn't exist..
> I searched the APBS,Pymol and VMD forums but I couldn't find a solution.
> Please Help me!
> Villias Georgios
> Bioinformatics Postgraduate student
> University of Athens - Greece