From: Jacob Poehlsgaard (
Date: Thu Nov 09 2006 - 02:04:51 CST

Chang, Christopher wrote:
> Hi,
> For 1.8.5, how do I:
> 1. Change the default starting directory on a Windows machine? The
> solution posted previously for an earlier version (adding a cd command
> to vmd.rc) doesn't seem to work.

  That's deceptivly simple. Make a shortcut and set the "start in" value
to whatever folder you want. I'd suggest a working folder without spaces
in the path.

> 2. Use Firefox as a default Web browser? I don't know how to handle
> spaces in vmdinit.tcl, so I get error messages about not finding
> "c:/Program".

  Maybe you could get around this with a shortcut as well? I'm having a
lot of problems with folders with spaces and TCL too :(