From: Esther Brugger (
Date: Wed Nov 01 2006 - 10:51:27 CST

Thanks a lot! I got it.

Leandro Martínez <> wrote: Save it with the "snapshot" option. The file created
(I think with a .tga extension) can be openend by gimp.

On 11/1/06, Esther Brugger <> wrote:Hi, everyone,
 I have another problem now. I use the "File Render Control" to save the picture file. But this picture file cannot be opened by Gimp, it seems it cannot recognize this file. It there something wrong there? And how can I save a jpg image file? Also is there anyother simple software which can simple visualize the jpg file?
 Thanks a lot for your help!
 Esther B.

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