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Date: Wed Oct 18 2006 - 11:56:21 CDT

On Wed, 18 Oct 2006 wrote:

MC> Hello,
MC> I use VMD to visualize Delphi and Grasp electrostatic maps. I color the
MC> molecular surface with Volume. To have a better rendering I use tachyon but
MC> when I visualize the obtained image, the surface colors are not present and I
MC> have just a white surface... It is the same problem when I export the scene in
MC> r3d file...
MC> Anyone have an idea?

none of the renderers except snapshot does support
rendering of mapped textures in a VMD compatible way
or it is not (yet) implemented. this has been discussed
on this list a few times already.

your best shot at getting better image quality is to
switch to GLSL mode (in the Display menu), provided
you have a capable graphics card and a driver that
is not broken (which is rather rare. see other mails
to the list... :-( ).


MC> Thank you in advance.
MC> Matthieu Chavent
MC> PhD student in eDAM group, Nancy, France

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