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unique opportunity - 20% discount for the EuroQSAR 2006

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** High Priority **

Hi Everyone.

As Chair of the QSAR and Modeling Society (,
I was asked to render assistance to the organizers of the EuroQSAR
As some of you know, it is on a Cruise ship across the Mediterranean.

The OPPORTUNITY that you all have is the following:
register before close-of-business on August 19 on this website
and pay until August 25, 2006

and receive a 20% discount on the ENTIRE congress package,
which incldues the conference and accomodation fees.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to enjoy the beautiful
a relaxed atmosphere to discuss science and be a tourist
(we stop in 5 different cities on 2 continents)

This can be a most memorable event. Consider it, and apply today.

Note that this offer is valid until August 19, 5 pm MST (you need to
register by then).

With thanks on behalf of the QSAR Society and the Organizing

Tudor I. Oprea, MD PhD
Professor and Chief,
Division of Biocomputing Department of Biochemistry and Molecular
MSC11 6145
University of New Mexico School of Medicine Albuquerque, NM 87131, USA

Vox: (505) 272-3694
Fax: (505) 272-0238

Chair, QSAR and Modeling Society, Division
Company Website:

Address for Rapid Delivery Services:
Research Incubator Building--Suite 190
2703 Frontier NE
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Editor, "Chemoinformatics in Drug Discovery".
ISBN: 3-527-30753-2. Available now from Wiley-VCH

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