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Date: Wed Aug 09 2006 - 13:36:16 CDT

  Not by itself. One can write scripts to do this sort of thing, but
there isn't presently any built-in facility for this yet. The solvate and
membrane plugins start with a pre-built template box and replicate it to
build out the requested size. At the moment, none of these tools can build
these large structures starting with a single molecule. Presumably one could
do this with a simple , but you'd need post-equilibration and such to
get something reasonable. In the case of the solvate and membrane plugins,
the template boxes have already had those things done to them IIRC.

  John Stone

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> Dear Colleagues,
> Is VMD capable to create lipid bilayers from the scratch? Let's say from
> non-phospholipid molecules?
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