From: Stéphane Teletchéa (
Date: Tue Jan 10 2006 - 10:08:22 CST

John Stone a écrit :
> Hi Stephane,
> This is completely normal.
> When you enable the "FPS" (frames per second) indicator, VMD becomes
> 100% busy trying to redraw the screen as fast as it can, because the
> object that implements the FPS display always tells VMD it needs to
> be redrawn. This is intentional, and a requirement if we want to know
> what the peak framerate for a given molecular scene is...
> You'll note a similar behavior when the "Throb" coloring method is used.
> John Stone

Ok, nice, as i was using the beta version, i thought this could be a bug.

I checked with another version but forgot to check this behaviour (i
detected it first while loading my molecule without noticing i had the
FPS indicator on both).


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