From: John Stone (
Date: Mon Apr 11 2005 - 10:00:16 CDT

  It's not possible to insert delays in MPEG format movie files,
but you can replicate frames to slow down the rate of movie playback
so that the effective play rate is 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, ... of the
speed it would be otherwise. I intend to add this as a built-in
feature to the movie maker soon.

  John Stone

On Mon, Apr 11, 2005 at 09:41:56AM -0400, Marc Q. Ma wrote:
> Hi Chaitanya,
> Your problem could be "no problem" if MPEG allows to insert delay
> between frames when you make the movie. However, so far this feature is
> not available.
> You can freely insert any delay between frames if you make animated gif
> movie, another format the vmd movie maker supports. This can make your
> movie have the necessary delay between frames.
> If anybody knows how to insert delays into the MPEG movies, I would
> like to hear that.
> Hope this helps.
> Marc
> On Apr 10, 2005, at 2:01 AM, Chaitanya Krishna A wrote:
> >
> >
> >Hi all,
> >
> >I have a small problem. I am not much into molecular
> >dynamics yet. But I have just started writing my own
> >coded to some simple simulations of Ar and a binary
> >mixture.
> >
> >I am also quite new to using VMD.
> >
> >I am using VMD to play the trajectory of my 864 atom
> >Ar system.
> >
> >The way I am doing it is as follows:
> >After the simulation I have all the coordinates of all
> >the 864 atoms for all the time steps sequentially in
> >the xyz format. I am using babel to convert into the
> >pdb format and then invoking VMD with the command
> >$ vmd <pdb file name>
> >Now it loads all the frames and then I use the movie
> >maker to make the movie of the trajectory of the 864
> >atoms. VMD makes an mpg movie.
> >
> >The problem is that when I play the mpg movie that VMD
> >makes, it runs very fast before one can actually
> >realise what is happening. I have been using xine to
> >play the movie. It would be nice if someone can
> >suggest how I can slow down the speed of the mpg
> >movie.
> >
> >I would also like to know if there's any better way of
> >making the movie different from the one that I
> >described above.
> >
> >Thanks for any help and your time.
> >Chaitanya.
> >Indian Inst. of Science, India.
> >
> >
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