From: Dallas Warren (
Date: Thu Mar 17 2005 - 16:16:25 CST

Can't help with your problem directly, but a couple of weeks ago I asked a
similar question and this reply came from Axel on how to be able to see the
window error ....

>try starting the vmd_LINUX (from mentioning the kernel update,
>i assume you are running linux) binary directly. you will get
>a lot of warnings about missing environment variables and improper
>initialization, but you'll also get the important info about
>VMD querying the X11 driver for supported options.
>you can also change the vmd script to now spawn an xterm at all,
>by replacing the block starting from
># if DISPLAY is set, spawn off...
>to the end of the script with:
>exec "$VMDDIR/$execname" $*

Then you can report back with what the error actually is .....

Catch ya,

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