From: Chang, Christopher (
Date: Fri Feb 18 2005 - 15:21:59 CST

Looking at the section of the vmdmovie.tcl script starting with "Generate all of the frames", it looks like changing the "set trjframe 0" statement to the first frame you want would allow you to skip however many frames you'd like at the beginning. I imagine the "incr trjframe $trjstep" statement allows you to change the variable $trjstep at the top of the script to set your desired stride.


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> Dear VMD users/developers:
> Does anyone know how to set number of frames to skip when generating
> movies from DCD files? It seems to me right now the plug-in only
> supports generating movie from frame 0 to frame x where x is
> user-defined value.
> It will be nice if an offset (to skip some frames in the
> beginning) and
> step size (to skip some frames every so often in between) are allowed
> to set by user. For example, in the VMD main a user can set "step" to
> any positive value to control the display progress of molecules. This
> feature is useful when large number of DCD frames are generated for
> detailed analysis, and coarse movies are made for quickly showing to
> people.
> Can some one send me some quick fixes in the tcl script to
> support such
> capabilities. I want to make a reasonably good movie to show
> on Monday
> ...
> Also, when I tried to generate mpeg movies and gif
> animations, although
> it shows all steps are completed and .gif.par or .mpeg.par file is
> generated, it did not generate the .mpg or .gif file for me. I used
> convert to manually convert the files to an animated gif. Can anyone
> give me prescriptions based on these symptoms?
> Thanks,
> Marc