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Date: Tue Oct 26 2004 - 18:38:05 CDT


On Tue, 26 Oct 2004 18:07:07 +0200,
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> The question is: why do people use Python within VMD? If most users
> just want to script VMD and happen to prefer Python to Tcl, that
> approach would help. If, on the other hand, most users are Python
> programmers who see VMD as "yet another Python module", then they
> wouldn't be interested: they would most certainly want to use the copy
> of Python they already have fine-tuned for their needs with added
> modules.

This actually raises another question in my mind: does the ability to
run Python commands interactively within VMD come in handy to any of
you? Or would it be sufficient to tell VMD to run a pre-written
Python script, and trigger Python-scripted callbacks? VMD jumps
through some minor hoops to allow the user to script from the console
in Python as easily as Tcl, but I haven't seen too much evidence that
this is a needed feature. Even if console access to the VMD Python
interface were abolished, one could still script Python interactively
by running Idle or some other Tkinter-based widget from within VMD
(I've done it; I think it required some small modification to Idle).
Thoughts on this?

> Either that, or have interpreters in separate processes that
> communicate over sockets.

There is, of course, nothing stopping anyone from implementing this
sort of interface. You can even control VMD from a web browser using
this approach; see for
an example.


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