From: Marc Q. Ma (
Date: Wed Oct 20 2004 - 08:00:23 CDT

Dear VMD developers,

Saving VMD states is a great feature. I have enjoyed using it. However,
when I wanted to use the same set of states (saved on Mac OS X) to
display my systems in other machines (SUN OS 2.9 with AFS), I found
that the states contain absolute paths of my files, which is not

Same problems happen when someone want to share a saved state with
others about the same system but different choice of display styles
(cylinder, coil, bond, etc) -- they usually do not keep a directory
structure same as others.

One way to dismiss this problem is to allow users to save states using
relative path, such as the unix "./" for current directory. States
saved this way will be usable among users studying the same system as
long as they maintain the same relative dir, which can be easily
achieved by putting all files in one directory.

Looking forward to get some insight from you!


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