From: Axel Kohlmeyer (
Date: Wed Oct 13 2004 - 00:52:36 CDT

>>> "BH" == Bret Hess <Hess> writes:

BH> Hi, I need to change the color of an atom (for example Se atom = atomic #34)

BH> Using the help info:
BH> color: Change the color assigned to molecules, or edit the colormap. All color values are in the range 0 ... 1.
BH> * category name color: Set color of object specified by category and name to color.

BH> I've tried text commands
>> color atom 34 0.8
BH> and
>> color atom Se 0.8

BH> I've got something wrong.

BH> Can you help?

i think there was a change in the interface to the
commands, that is not correctly documented. you may
want to try the graphical interface for that.

open the 'Graphics/Colors...' dialog.
then click on 'Name' then the name of
the element you want to change and then
the color you want to assign to that element.

since at least all released versions of vmd seem to
recognize all elements starting with 'C' as carbon,
you may want to rename the Cd atoms when visualizing
them with vmd.


BH> Bret Hess

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